Basic Knowledge of Deburring Technology

The brochure “Basic Knowledge of Deburring Technology” is a unique source of information and orientation guide. The content of the brochure, which has been developed together with experts from industry and research, provides companies with a highly practical overview of current technologies for deburring and surface finishing, as well as their possible applications for various types of burrs and materials. Not only are various processes presented in a comprehensible manner such as mechanical deburring with tools, electrochemical machining (ECM), blasting with abrasive and non-abrasive media and flow grinding (AFM), as well as laser and ultrasonic deburring. Factors which influence the selection of the deburring process, the strengths and limitations of the various technologies, side effects which can occur during deburring processes, quality assurance options and much more are discussed as well. By providing this information along with a clear-cut matrix, the publication helps companies find the most suitable method for their individual tasks – quickly and easily.

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