acp systems AG
Fully automated deburring and cleaning with CO2 granulate

With a completely new development, acp systems sets new standards in the fully automated, dry deburring and cleaning of components made of metals and plastics.

Alpine Metal Tech GmbH
Laser-based, fully automatic robotic deburring of castings
Casted aluminum parts, especially for the automotive industry, require high surface quality. Casting burrs, machining flashes or sharp edges are not acceptable at many applications.

ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH
Robot-based grinding, polishing and deburring
When finishing metal, plastic or composite parts, grinding, polishing and removing burrs is a common operation. As the components usually have complex geometries this processes are often done manually.

ATEC Automatisierungtechnik GmbH
Space-saving membrane filtration systems for bath maintenance
Cleaning tasks with aqueous media regularly face the following challenges: constant cleaning quality, long bath service life and limited space.

ATL Anlagentechnik Luhden GmbH

Thermal deburring of different materials
ATL Anlagentechnik Luhden will be presenting efficient solutions for the effective and fast deburring of sdemanding workpieces made of different materials such as metals, plastics and foams.

AVAtec GmbH
Trolley for mass finishing

For its TE6HD, TE10HD and W10HD mass finishing systems, Avatec offers a matching "trolley" workstation. The machine, process media, separation and process fluid are well organized and quickly available.

Best Finishing Srl
Isotropic Superfinish for perfect surfaces
The Isotropic Superfinish makes it possible to obtain optimum results in terms of low surface roughness, increasing the functional performance of the component and its service life, while maintaining the geometry and dimensional tolerances.

Botzian & Kirch GmbH

Manual and automated deburring
Botzian & Kirch will be presenting a comprehensive program for manual and automated deburring. The solutions for manual deburring include electric micromotors and pneumatic hand grinders, which are equipped with the appropriate precision tools depending on the task.

Fastems Systems GmbH
Automated deburring with consistently high part quality

The RFC is a modular robotic cell for the automated deburring of different workpieces. Unlike workpiece-controlled finishing processes with a fixed number of spindles and thus limited selection of tools, this solution is designed for tool-controlled finishing.

Henan General Machinery Import and Export Co. Ltd
Yuson Abrasive Finishing Tools & Polishing Machines Co., Ltd.

Ceramic media for polishing
HPB ceramic media is a burnishing abrasive without “coloring”. They are sintered ceramic nuggets with exceptional properties. Due to its hardness, toughness and extremely fine crystal structure, it can be used on all types of ferrous metals, brass and aluminum.

Huzhou Golden Industrial Brush Co.,Ltd
Brushes for various applications
Huzhou Golden Industrial Brush offers a broad range of brushes, such as disc brush, flexible honing brushes, tube brushes, wheel brushes, and end brushes as well as spiral and coil brushes.

The world's first V-shaped cutting edge: defined chamfering without secondary burrs
With the new "Burrless Chamfering Cutter" the chamfer cutter has been taken to a new level. The world's first V-shaped cutting edge completely avoids the formation of secondary burrs, eliminating the need for downstream deburring processes.
Klaaßen Werkzeugmaschinen und Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
Automated deburring of gear components

With the self-learning deburring robot, Klaaßen Werkzeugmaschinen und Automatisierungstechnik will be showcasing a world‘s first for the deburring of gear components.

Technical brushes are extremely versatile tools in deburring technology

Technical brushes are one of the most flexible and often most economical methods of mechanical deburring technology.

MEPSA Maquinaria Electrónica Esmerilado y Pulido S.A.

Automate processes easily
Mespa will be presenting efficient solutions for the effective automation of deburring, grinding, polishing, satin finishing and machining processes for parts made of metal and other materials.

MetaLine Surface Protection GmbH
Professional repair of worn vibratory finishing tanks

The hemispherical tanks of vibratory finishing machines are usually cast with polyurethane to protect them from the abrasiveness caused by the process.

nanosystec GmbH
Precise deburring with laser radiation

Compared to conventional techniques, the laser-based material processing shows various advantages which also help for the deburring of precision parts.

plasotec GmbH
Electrolytic plasma polishing of metal parts
In plasma polishing, anodically poled metallic workpieces are moved into an electrolytic bath. The resulting gas wets the workpiece to be polished and a process-related plasma development occurs.

stoba Sondermaschinen GmbH
Different ECM technology processes

At DeburringEXPO, Stoba will be informing about the most diverse processes of ECM technology. Reasons for opting for electrochemical deburring include reproducible and safe removal of burrs on the workpieces to be machined.

ultraTEC innovation GmbH

Process-safe and energy-efficient deburring with ultrasound
In the process developed by ultraTEC, components are stimulated by a generator. The high-frequency ultrasonic-horn oscillates back and forth 20,000 times per second over 0.1 millimetres.

Walter Krupp GmbH
Improved product performance and service life

Optimized surface structures improve product performance and service life in many cases. However, burr-free bores and edges are often a particular challenge in production.

WMS-engineering Werkzeuge-Maschinen-Systeme GmbH
Thread milling cutter for machining very soft materials

As a specialist for mechanical deburring, WMS-Engineering is constantly confronted with new challenges by customers. One of these was the machining of PU-foamed polyethylene components.